44 Nos Branch Post Master (GDS BPM) Jobs in Cuttack North Division of Odisha by India Post

indiapostDepartment of Posts, Govt of India is recruiting totally 569 Nos of Gramin Dak Sevek, Branch Postmasters in all over Odisha. From these, 44 Nos of GDS BPM Posts are available in Cuttack North Division. Cuttack North Division includes Full Kendrapara District, Jajpur District and some parts of Cuttack District. Its divisional headquarter is located in Cuttack Cantonment Road. If you are going to apply for GDS BPM Jobs in Cuttack North Division, then read the below details to get complete information.

Name of the Locations for 44 Nos BPM Jobs in Cuttack North Division

Vacancies remaining un notified as on 31.03.2015

  1. BPM Siko BO   Rajkanika SO   Kendrapara HO
  2. BPM Balipatna BO   Pattamundai MDG   Kendrapara HO
  3. BPM Sansarphal BO   Alba SO   Kendrapara HO
  4. BPM Dosia BO   Alba SO   Kendrapara HO
  5. BPM Pegarpara BO   Olaver SO   Kendrapara HO
  6. BPM Orikanta BO   Lemalo SO   Kendrapara HO
  7. BPM Haladia BO   Nischintakoili SO   Kendrapara HO
  8. BPM Neulapur BO   Haridaspur SO   Jajpur HO
  9. BPM Ramachandrapur BO   Bari Cuttack SO   Jajpur HO
  10. BPM Mangarajpur BO   Kabirpur SO   Jajpur HO
  11. BPM Chingudipal BO   Kalaringatta BO   Jajpur HO
  12. BPM Purbakote BO   Korei SO   Jajpur HO
  13. BPM Ranagundi BO   Danagadi SO   Jajpur HO
  14. BPM Badabiruan BO   Sankhachilla SO   Jajpur HO
  15. BPM Ranigoda BO   Barundei SO   Jajpur HO
  16. BPM Ranipada BO   Jajpur Road MDG   Jajpur HO
  17. BPM Sansailo BO  Sukinda SO   Jajpur HO

Vacancies occurring during 01.04.2015 to 30.09.2015

  1. BPM Goudagopa BO   Nischintakoili SO   Kendrapara HO
  2. BPM Baliabibhutipara BO   Derabish SO   Kendrapara HO
  3. BPM Madhupur BO    Kuanpal SO    Kendrapara HO
  4. BPM Kacherigaon BO    Kabirpur SO    Jajpur HO
  5. BPM Kadampal BO    Dharmasala SO    Jajpur HO
  6. BPM Bhuinpur BO    Panikoili SO    Jajpur HO
  7. BPM Kamagarh BO    Panikoili SO    Jajpur HO
  8. BPM MahisaraBO    Jenapur SO    Jajpur HO
  9. BPM Deulatara BO    Singhpur SO    Jajpur HO
  10. BPM Ardaulia BO    Ahiyas SO    Jajpur HO
  11. BPM Badapali BO    Alba SO    Kendrapara HO
  12. BPM Beltal BO    Pattamundai MDG    Kendrapara HO
  13. BPM Badakul BO    Marsaghai SO    Kendrapara HO
  14. BPM Pikarali BO    Marsaghai SO    Kendrapara HO
  15. BPM Kalapada BO    Sribaldevjew SO    Kendrapara HO

Vacancies occuring during 01.10.2015 to 31.03.2016

  1. BPM Jhadeswarpur BO    Nischintakoili SO        Kendrapara HO
  2. BPM Janrabarimul BO    Danpur SO        Kendrapara HO
  3. BPM Kuhika BO    Sukinda SO        Jajpur HO
  4. BPM Tulsipur BO    Barundei SO        Jajpur HO
  5. BPM Laxminagar BO    Sankhachilla SO        Jajpur HO
  6. BPM Madhuban BO    G P Kutchery SO        Jajpur HO
  7. BPM Kamalpur BO    Ahiyas SO        Jajpur HO
  8. BPM Balabhadrapur    Alba SO        Kendrapara HO
  9. BPM Sitaleswar BO    Aul so        Kendrapara HO
  10. BPM Chakadgogua BO    Barpada BO        Kendrapara HO
  11. BPM Pimpudi BO    Rajkanika SO        Kendrapara HO
  12. BPM Routsahi BO    Indupur SO        Kendrapara HO

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