Anu Choudhury

Anu ChoudhuryAnu Choudhury born on 3oth August 1979. She is a famous Oriya (Odia) Film Actress. She has starred in more than 50 films. Her debut Oriya film was Maa Goja Bayaniand Bengali film was Surya in 2004.

She was born and brought up in the capital city of Bhubaneswar, was inspired by her father, who was a film editor. Anu began her career as a child artist in “Badhu Nirupama” and later was spotted by the leading directors of Oriya Film Industry. She made her debut in “Maa Gojabayani” and impressed everyone with her spectacular performance.

Early Life of Anu Choudhury

Anu ChoudhuryAnu was born in Bhubaneswar to Odia film editor Rabi Choudhury and Soudamini Choudhury. Rabi Chaudhury was a film make-up man and an editor, so she was quite familiar with film industry being a girl from film background. She graduated from R D Women’s College in home science before commencing a career as a film actress.Before coming to Oriya film industry she had never thought to be an actress.Yaa, in her early age she had acted in two Oriya movies as child artist. Before being an actress she had given voice for many actresses in films in her infant age.

Career of Anu Choudhury

Anu-Choudhury-12Anu began her career in Oriya cinema as a child artist. She acted as child artist in two movies, one is Badhu Nirupama and another is Mamata Mage Mula. As child artist she had done very small roles in these two movies. Her first film as a heroine was Maa Gojabayani which was a huge hit in 1998.With her in the 1st movie there was no such big stars, but still with her effort she was eligible to compete with Rachana Banarjee during that period. She won praise for her acting in the film. For her first movie she got Best Actress award for that movie in Chalachitra Jagat award .Since then, she has acted in a number of films, Biswaprakash. In Biswaprakash she acted with internationally acclaimed actress Nandita Das which movie is a part of Indian Panorama. Then after she did movies like Mana rahigala tumari thare, Maa o mamata, Gare sindura dhare luha. Gare sindura dhare luha was one of the turning point of her career as from this movie she was considered as an actress who cam do serious role also. For this movie she got State Film Award as best actress.After that she continued to do many more movies. Anu got rush popularity in movie Rakhi Bandhili Mo Rakhiba Mana after which she became favorite of many directors, producers and viewers. After her movie Hari Bhai harena she gave a new definition to orissa cinema. Sasughara Chalijibi was produced by famous Rajshri Productions and costarred Siddhanta Mahapatra.

Filmography of Anu Choudhury

Year Film Title Role Notes
Badhu nirupama child artist
Mamata mage mula child artist
1998 Maa Gojabyani Chalachitra Jagat Award for Best Actress
1999 Biswaprakash with Nandita Das
2000 Mana rahigala tumari thare with Siddhant and Jyoti
2000 Maa O Mamata
2001 Gare Sindura Dhare Luha Won state film award for Best Actress
2001 Samaya kheluchi chaka bhaunri with Sumit Sehgal
2002 Rakhi bandhili mo rakhiba mana Won state film award for Best Actress
2002 Pua Mora Jagata Jita
2003 Sabata Maa
2003 Rakata Kahiba Kia Kahara Won Best Actress in various film awards
2004 Rakhiba jadi se mariba kia
2004 Agni parikhya
2004 Omm Santi Omm Won state film award for Best Actress
2004 Hari Bhai Harena
2005 Baji
2005 Sashughara Chalijibi Won state film award for Best Actress
2005 Topae Sindura Di Topa Luha
2006 Babu I Love You
2006 Prema Ritu Asila Re
2007 Dhauli Express critically acclaimed
2007 Chaka Chaka Bhaunri
2007 Tumaku Paruni Ta Bhuli
2007 Kalishankar
2007 Lal Tuku Tuku Sadhaba Bahu
2007 Kathantara
2007 Samaya Hathare Dori
2008 Hasiba Puni Mo Suna Sansar
2009 Tume Hi Sathi Mora
2010 Pahili Raja
2011 Kemiti E Bandhana worked with Chandrachur Singh
2012 Matira Bandhana
2012 Hare Krushna Hare Ram guest appearance
2013 Sweet heart upcoming
2013 Kalpana…an imagination upcoming To be made in 16 languages

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