Aruha Village of Jajpur District

Village Name : Aruha
Population : About 3500
Area : 6km2
Language : Odia
Tahasil : Dharmasala
Police Station : Dharmasala

Address of Aruha with Pin & Panchayat

Panchayat : Aruha Panchayat
Via : Haridaspur
Dist : Jajpur
State : Odisha
Pin : 755024

About the Village Aruha

Aruha Village is one of  the oldest village in Jajpur district of Odisha. It is situated at the left side of the National  Highway No 200 which is joining Chandikhole to Duburi. This village is a developing village. There are two ponds in this village, Ganga Pokhari and Jharagadia. There is also a hill near this village such as the crown of this village named Ramgiri.

Nearest Tourist spots or Picnic Spots or Temples

  1. Mahavinayak Temple (3 kms)
  2. Khageswar Temple (0 km)
  3. Kali Temple
  4. Hanuman Temple and many more

Schools or Colleges

  • Aruha Primary School
  • Aruha Upper Primary School
  • Aruha High School
  • Jharagadia Prakalpa Vidyalaya
  • Panchayat Girls High School
  • Saraswati  Sishu Mandir

Nearest Hospitals

  • Aruha Primary Hospital (0 km)

Nearest Postal Office

  • Aruha Post Office (0 km)

Nearest Bank

  • Allahabad Bank, Aruha Branch (0 km)

Nearest Villages

  • Kolha
  • Batijanga
  • Khasapada
  • Jabera
  • Bhadanga

Photos of Aruha Village (Click on the Image to Enlarge)

How to Reach the Village Aruha

Aruha is situated at the side of the NH 200. So it is very easy to reach from any road media. You can easily reach to Chandikhole Bus Stand by Bus or any media and after that you can reach Aruha by hiring an auto or taxi or by sharing auto which is just 6 kms from Chandikhole on the Duburi Road.

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