Atri – Hot Spring of Khordha, Odisha

Atri hot springAtri is a small village in Begunia situated in State High Way from Khurda to Nayagarh, Baangir nearer to Begunia situated in 20 degree 15’N and 85 degree 30’E in 20 degree 15’N and 85 degree 30’E.  It is 13 km far from Khurda, 2 km Baghamari and around 40km from Bhubaneswar.

Atri is famous for its perennial Hot Spring. The hot spring is reputed to have medical properties which is used both intensively and extensively for the cure of skin diseases. The water of the Hot Spring (57 degrees centigrade) contains small doses of sulphur flavour when heated to 100 degree centigrade. There is a Bathing Complex of Govt. of Odisha at Atri . Not far from the Hot spring there is the sacred shrine of Lord Hattakeswar Mahadev. The temple is the venue of a grand annual fair, Makar Jatra, on the day of Makar Sankranti (mid January) On this day the visitors congregate in large numbers to worship Lord Hatakeswar to fulfill their desires and they also bath in the ponds to get cure of their diseases.

This place is famous for sulfur spring and Famous Shrines temple dedicated to Lord Hatakeswara. Amidst  paddy fields  a  hot  spring  bubbles  up  from  the ground and a strong odors  of  sulphur  pervades  the locality.  The temperature of the spring water is about 55 degree Celsius.  The soil at the spring and for a considerable distance round it is composed of alluvium, of marl and literate.  The water of the hot spring is collected in a reservoir which is provided with outlets to prevent stagnation.   The circumference of the reservoir is 10 feet and the depth is 15 feet.  The water is clear and stones lying at the bottom of the reservoir are visible when the sun’s rays fall on the water.  It has been calculated that per hour 375 cubic feet of water is flowing out of the reservoir.

How to Reach Atri

The nearest airport is the Biju Pattnaik Airport , Bhubaneswar about 45 km from Atri . One can hire taxi directly from the airport to reach the place.The nearest railway station to atri is Khurda Road, which 14 kms. away. Taxi, auto-rickshaw can be hired at the station.National Highway No.5, which connects Bhubaneswar and Khurda, also touches Atri.

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