Best Tourist Spots in Kendujhar

We know you are searching for the best tourist spots or the best picnic spots in Kendujhar for the winter picnic. So you want to know the nearest picnic spots in Kendujhar, so that you can make a plan to travel all the tourist spots in Kendujhar. So we are just help you to give a brief information about the tourist spots in Kendujhar. We are giving the list of picnic spots in Kendujhar below by which it is easy for you to get them and also we are indicating the place why that place is famous (Such as Badaghagara – Waterfall etc). See below to get the list of Picnic spots in Kendujhar and many more. If this article helps you to get the best picnic spots in Kendujhar then kindly like us on Facebook to join our fans club.

tourist places in kendujhar

List of Best Picnic Spots in Kendujhar

  • Badaghagara– Waterfall
  • Deogaon-kushaleswar – Religious Centre
  • Maa Tarini Temple, Ghatagaon – Religious Centre
  • Gonasika- Religious Centre
  • Gundichaghai- Scenic spot
  • Hadagarh- Scenic spot
  • Handibhanga – Waterfall
  • Kanjipani – Scenic spot
  • Keonjhar – District Headquarters
  • Khandadhar – Waterfall
  • Murgamahadev- Religious Centre
  • Podasingida (Garchandi & Chakratirtha) – Scenic Spot
  • Rajnagar- Religious Centre
  • Sanaghagara– Waterfall
  • Sitabinji- Fresco Paintings

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