Bhattarika Temple of Athgarh of Odisha

About Bhattarika Temple

Bhattarika Temple is one of the famous Hindu temple of Odisha which is situated in Athgarh of Cuttack district in State Odisha. This famous temple of Bhattarika is dedicated to Goddess Bhattarika who is known as a demonstration of Shakti. This famous temple is located at the side of the biggest river of Odisha “Mahanadi” and on the foot of Ratnagiri Hill. There is a story behind this temple. It is believed that Parasuram was faced certain defeat by Saharasjuna and at that time he prayed to Goddess Durga and Goddess Durga appered on this spot and gave him her divine power. So this Bhattarika Temple is one of the holy temple in Odisha. Other famous places nearer to this temple are Narayana, Vindhyavasini, Nilamadhava, Simhanath etc.

History of Bhattarika Temple

Bhattarika-Temple-of-Athgarh-of-OdishaIt is believed that this Bhattarika Temple of Odisha was established by Parasuram and the image of the Goddess was carved by the tip of his arrow. Here Parasuram prayed to Goddess Durga to gain mercy of Goddess Durga to kill the Kshetriyas. After that Goddess Durga offered him her desired boom. This temple is also associated with the Oriya Ramayan. It is written on Oriya Ramayan that God Ram, Laxman and Sita prayed Goddess Bhattarika on their way to Panchavati. There is also the foot marks of Ram, Laxman and Sita is also there at Mankadagadia which is present at the other side of the Mahanadi River.

There is also an amazing story behind this temple and this area. Once the Gajapati of Odisha ordered two brothers to establish two villages Sankha and Mahuri. The name of the two brothers were Hattakishor and Mallakishor. Then the two brother became the King of that place. When they want to construct Fort the tribal chief of that area opposed them. So a terrible battle takes place. In that battle the Tribal Chief and his wife died. Before death the wife of the chief advised the King Hattakishor to worship the Goddess Bhattarika. Another name of Goddess Bhattarika is Bruhatamba. So the King Hattakishor named that place Bhuhadamba as it is also a name of the famous Goddess Bhattarika. And later that place is known a Badamba.

There are Eight small images of Goddess Bhattarika are present in the Bhattarika temple. Among these eight images five in padmasana and three in Lalitasana. The very interesting story of this temple is the worshipers of goddess Bhattarika are non-Brahmin and cooked fish is offered to goddess Bhattarika. So this Bhattarika temple is the famous and holy temple for the Fisherman community. But this place is really one of the best place of Odisha and also it is one of the best Shakti pitha of Odisha.

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