Binikei Pitha of Angul

binikei pithaA Pitha of Goddess Binikei is another spot of Tourist attraction in the sub division of Athamallik. The place is located on the bank of the river Mahanadi and is 25 Km from Athamallik. The spot is gateway to the famous Satkosia gorge in the river Mahanadi. At the bank of the Temple stand the towering Panchadhara hills like a crown on the heads of the deity. Every year Binikei Jatra is observed on the 10th day after the Dolapurnima, in the Lunar month of Chaitra. A great fair is also organized for 3 days with much pomp and ceremony.

How to Reach Binikei Pitha

One can reach Angul either by bus or train. Bhimkhand Tourist place is 85 Km away from Angul. Regular bus service is available from Angul to Athamallik. From Athamallik, Binikei is 25 Km away and one can get buses, taxis or autorikshaw to get there

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