Chandaka Elephant Reserve of Odisha

Elephant Safari Chandaka Bhubaneswar is a wildlife reserve lying in the north western fringe of Bhubaneswar in Odisha. It is located on the Khurdha highlands of ‘Eastern Ghats’ biotic region. Spread over 193 sq km at the Chandaka forest, Khurda Uplands were designated as the Chandaka Elephant Reserve in August 1982. Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary Orissa offers a full sense of wilder thrill and you get a unique experience very different from your day to day life. This offers full refreshment to your mind and body both.

Chandaka Elephant Reserve Sanchuary

Major Attractions in Chandaka Elephant Safari

The reserve is a home to a total of 30 varieties of mammals, 27 varieties of reptiles and 120 varieties of birds. You can also find here the species of elephant, leopard, chital, barking deer, mouse deer, langur, rhesus monkey, mongoose, sloth bear, wolf and hyena, among others. Apart from that, the varieties of snakes like the python and the monitor lizard are available here. Among others inhabitants here, are the Mugger crocodiles, water birds, mainly storks, heron, egrets and cormorants. Kamarkhunti reservoir here in the forest is a breeding area for the Garganey and common teal, pin tail, white eyed Pochard, spot billed Duck and many others. You can find a wonderful sanctuary view from the watch towers at Kochilaberana, Pitagodia and Charichhak.The re-energized Chandaka forest reserve has gained much popularity among eco-tourists and nature researchers.

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