Chauliaganj Durga Puja Gate Design 2012

Do you want to know about the Gate design of Chauliaganj, Cuttack in 2012 ? if not then there will be many question you have in your mind that “What will be the Dussehra Gate design of Chauliaganj Durga Puja, Cuttack ? So here i have given a brief description about the design and other detail news of Chauliaganj Durga Puja and I think you may get all the detailed news of the Chauliaganj Durga Puja of Cuttack. If you like my article then kindly share this article on Facebook, Twitter or G+ or Like our Facebook page on the sidebar to be one of the member of our fan club.

Design of Chauliaganj Durga Puja Gate 2012

This year in 2012 the Chauliaganj Durga Puja Committee has decided to make the main gate more attractive than the past years. So they planned for a 30 feet Light Gate which will be made by the artist of West Bengal. One of the member of Chauliaganj Durga Puja Committee said that “The artists are working to recreate Bengal’s culture and heritage in our pandal with beautiful light decorations“.

Chauliaganj Durga Puja Gate
Name of the Puja Committee
Chauliaganj Durga Puja Committee
Gate Design 30 feet Light Gate


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