How CHSE is Planning to Conduct +2 Exam 2014 in Odisha ?

chse logoFrom the educational year 2013-14, Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha is trying to implement some new ideas as examination pattern change and hold the +2 exam 2014 in Odisha in a new way. According to the local news and other sources, we are able to find the below given points about how CHSE will conduct +2 exam 2014 in Odisha.

  • In this Change, the CHSE has decided 207 exam hubs.
  • All the questions will be stored in these hubs, before the respective exams.
  • 6 examination centres will be allocated under each hub.
  • 2 vehicles will be supplied to each hub for carrying the exam questions from CHSE to hub and hub to examination centre.
  • Like this, 407 vehicles will be engaged on rent basis from the Private organizations or Travel agencies. These 407 vehicles will work day and night for one month to carry the questions between CHSE office, hub and examination centre. The council will pay the requisite fees to the private organizations or travel agencies.
  • The vehicles have to distribute the questions with in 2 hours before commencement of the examination from hubs to exam centres.

Barriers for CHSE to Conduct +2 Exam 2014 in Odisha

  • In 2 hours, it is impossible for the vehicles to distribute the questions in rural as well as mao-areas. Because some colleges are 30 kms far from the hubs and there is also chance of accidents due to rough road.
  • From previous experience it is clear that, in some exam centres we can see deficit in MIL questions and according to the rules of the hubs, it is impossible for the hubs to provide excess questions in due time. It is more time and money consuming plan. According to the estimation, more than 10 crores will be spent on this new exam rules.
  • The Govt of Odisha has mentioned that the govt will not spent single rupee for making the hubs and now more than 270 nos of employees are working in CHSE and for this, they are striking from 8 days. So now there is conflict between the Council and the Govt regarding who will take the pain of making the hubs.

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