Deojhar Waterfall of Narasinghpur, Cuttack

Deojhar waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfall in Odisha which is situated in Narasinghpur Block of Cuttack District, Odisha. It is about 130 kms far from Cuttack City. This Waterfall is located 80 km ahead of the Ansupa lake along the same route is Deojhar, a beautiful waterfall set amidst the forest of Eastern Ghats. This Waterfall is famous for its natural beauty and surroundings.  So this place one of the best Picnic Spots in Cuttack. One cave named as Badedidhar is just at the top of the waterfall where saints were lived.

  • The waterfall is approximately 40 ft in height and mostly unknown to the outside world save for the locals of Banki and Athagarh
  • It is a favourite picnic spot for the locals
  • The area is a nature lovers’ delight and if you want to don the explorer’s hat and set off for a new discovery, chances are you might stumble upon one.

When it comes to waterfalls, places like Keonjhar, Mayurbhanj or Koraput spontaneously come to our minds. But had you ever imagined a glittering waterfall in Cuttack district! And, yes, it is there. Around 100 kilometres from the city of Cuttack in the Narasinghpur block you can find this magnificent waterfall named ‘Deojhar’ or ‘Diandhar’.

Though, the spot is already identified by Odisha Tourism department, it still remains unknown to many. This is regarded as the one and only waterfall of Cuttack district. Deojhar waterfall is located in Talapunji village close to Olab in Narasinghpur block under Athagarh subdivision.

The waterfall falls down from a small hill belonging to the Eastern Ghats mountain ranges. “A travel enthusiast gets mesmerised with the beauty of nature while travelling through the path to reach this beautiful place”.

Water comes falling from a height of 40 feet to provide spectacular views to visitors. At the top of the hill there is a cave called ‘Badedidhar’ where few monks still reside in an Ashram.

Best Time To Visit Deojhar Waterfall

Deojhar Waterfall remains mainly dry throughout the summer time.  After a few spells of monsoon rain, it gets flooded with water providing amazing views to the visitors. So the best months to visit are “from August to February” and now a days it’s attracting many tourists. The surroundings of Deojhar waterfall are one of the best locations for picnics or weekend adventure if planned in proper timing avoiding summer days.


How to Reach Deojhar Waterfall of Narasinghpur

Bus services is available up to Champeswar 115kms on the Cuttack Narshingpur road From Champeswar to Godibandha and from there to Deojhar is 15kms to be reached by hired Auto.

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