Earthquake Hits India at 9.55 P.M. on 21/05/2014

Earthquake imagesToday on 21/05/2014, a moderate earthquake hits the east part of the country and mostly to the sea Earthquakeside areas. Today at 9.55 P.M. suddenly people noticed that the buildings along with all the furniture and accessories are shaking. This earthquake hits Odisha for 10-15 seconds and the people are fearing that may be more earthquakes hit today but the chance is too small.

In Odisha, the coastal districts including Angul, Bhadrak, Khurda, Puri, Jajpur, Balasore, Mayurbhanj, Jagatsinghpur etc.

Today, totally 92 nos earthquakes have been recorded and mostly on Mexico, Alaska, Canada, Peru, Hawaii etc. Till now the magnitude of the earthquake is now recorded but it was now so big so no causality can be expected.

Stay updated with to get more details about earthquake hits Odisha on 21/05/2014.


Breaking News

  • It was 5.6 Magnitude earthquake according to the officials from the Indian earthquake monitoring network.
  • Tremors were felt across India, in Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Kolkata and Odisha.
  • According to information, its centre was 275 kms far from Paradeep, Odisha and it hit bay of bengal and all the coastal areas could feel it.
  • The earthquake was 30kms below sea level.
  • The Officials said, No Tsunami Alerts.

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