Famous Picnic Spots in Cuttack District of Odisha

Cuttack, the former capital and one of the oldest cities of Odisha is the administrative headquarters of the district. The town is situated at the apex of the delta formed by the rivers Mahanadi in the North and Kathajodi in the South. It serves as a convenient base for touring the various places of interest in the district. Get the information about the best Picnic Spots or most popular tourist spots in Cuttack District of Odisha. If you want to know the List of Famous Picnic Spots in Cuttack District of Odisha then see the below tourist spot link to know about the Places to Visit in Cuttack District of Odisha and experience the Cuttack Tourism.


Katak Chandi Temple

Goddess Chandi
Goddess Chandi

The present piece of land, where the holy temple is located, was lying fallow before the temple was built. Late Sri Hansa Panda, who happens to be the Purohit of the-then King of Kanika, used to graze cattles and sheeps in the land. One day Sri Panda was feeling tired and took rest on a heap of dry mud present there. While taking rest, he experienced a strange unusual feeling within himself. Surprisingly on the same night, The Goddess “Chandi” appeared in his dream and requested him to take her out of the land. There after he went to the King and told everything about the strange experience he had that night.Know More >>>

Netaji Birth Place

Cuttack is the birthplace of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, the famous freedom fighter. He was born on 23.1.1897, at their ancestral house, Janakinath Bhawan at Oriya Bazar and spent his early childhood here. Subhash Chandra Bose studied at Ravenshaw Collegiate School and later went to Calcutta to pursue higher studies. The grand house has been now been converted into the Netaji Birth Place Museum and exhibits memorabilia associated with the great leader, which is worth seeing.

Kadam Rasool

Kadam Rasool is a famous mosque located in the vicinity of the old quarters in the Cuttack city. The domed mosque is spread over an area of 57 acres. The origin of Kadam-I-Rasool, in the Cuttack city of Orissa, can be traced back to the eighteenth century.

Ansupa River

Nearer to Atgarh. Ansupa is a small, but a picturesque lake that offers asylum to migratory birds in winter. The water spread is ideal for fishing and boating.

Charchika (Banki)

Lies on the south of river Mahanadi and is the shrine of Goddess Charchika, which is one of the eight Shrines of Odisha


Goddess Bhattarika Temple

It is a scenic spot with a shrine of Goddess Bhattarika frequented by picnickers all the year round. Situated on the south of river Mahanadi.


A place of historic importance. It is one of the industrial centre of Odisha. It was once the capital of Somkali Keshar Kings of Odisha. Eight prominent Shiva pithas were established by Keshari dynasty.

Dhabaleswar Temple

Dhabaleswar templeA picturesque island in Mahandi, the place named after its presiding deity Lord Shree Dhabaleswar (Shiva). The enchanting water spread of Mahandi here provided ample opportunities for boating. There is a hanging bridge connecting the island from its northern side to Mancheswar. Know More >>>

Lalitgiri Buddhist Site

It is one of the oldest Buddhist site. Lalitgiri was visited by Huien Tsang in 7th centuary AD. The large number of antiquities excavated testifies the place to be a part of Puspagiri Buddha Vihar.

Naraj Dam

Situated on the origin of river Kathajodi a tributary of Mahanadi gives a panoramic view of the vast expanse of the river Mahanadi. There are many Buddhist images found. The place is frequented by devotees offering prayers at Lord Sidheswar. This is also a beautiful picnic spot.

Satakosia Gorge

The place is famous for gorge, which starts from Satakosia. It is an ideal place for group camping, cruising and viewing a colourful wildlife.

Barabati Fort

Barabati FortThe ruins of Barabati Fort with its moat and gate and the earthen mounded of the nine-storied palace of the Ganga dynasty lie on the bank of the river Mahanadi as the silent witness of the vicissitudes of Odishan history. Another item of interest is the Barabati stadium adjacent to the fort. The stadium with its impressive structures covers an area of twenty-five acres and affords sitting capacity for thirty-five thousand persons. Its delightful soft green turn hums almost daily with programmes of sport events and cultural functions. The installation of Flood light system is another attraction of Barabati Stadium. Nearly is the ultramodern Jawaharlal Nehru Air-conditioned Indoor Stadium having a sitting capacity for 6,000 person.

Cuttack City

It is one of the oldest cities in India dating back to 1000 years. The city was built by King Ananga Bhimadev III and was the former capital of Odisha. Hemmed on the north and south by river Mahanadi & Kathajodi afforded a natural fortified base for the kings of the yore. The 11th century embankment of Kathajodi, the ruins of Barabati Fort the shrine of Katak Chandi, the QuadamiRasool, Netaji Subhas Bose Memorial birth place of Subhas Bose the Maritime Museum and some old churches are the major attractions of the city. Cuttack is known as the Silver City due to its finest Filigree works, the best in the country

Amangeikuda Temple

It is a small island in the river Mahanadi named after its presiding deity Goddess Amangei and there is an ancient temple of Lord Balunkeswar Mahadev (Lord Shiva)

Deojhar Waterfall

The waterfall in Deojhar is famous for its natural beauty and an ideal place for picnickers There is a cave known as Badedidhar at the top of the waterfall which was the abode of saints. Know More >>>


It is famous for Goddess Sidha Devi Both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshipped here under water


This Place is mainly famous for Goddess Beleswari Temple. This Place is a very beautiful place.


It is the Samadhi of Achyutananda, one of the five panchasakas, who propounded the bhakti cult in Odhisa Achyutananda is also famous for his prophetic sayings written by him known as ‘Malika’ The place lies on the banks of river Chitrotapala

Odisha High Court

Odisha High CourtThe Odisha High Court was established on 26th July, 1948 and is functioning at Cuttack. The High Court Office is consisting of two departments namely, the administrative Department to carry on the Administrative business of the Court on its Appellate side and the Judicial Department which shall mean and include all the rest of it. A visit without seeing the majestic High court is an incomplete tour of Cuttack.


The place is famous as a Lord Shiva Pitha and It is also famous for waterhole Ananta Garbha


This place is famous for the presiding deity of the place Maa Pragala Pitha, the family Goddess of the ruling chief of Narasinghpur Legend states that Pragala, was the daughter of King Dharam Singh, who sacrificed her life to save the life of her father from the attack of the King of Angul The deity is worshipped in the form of a sword. It is also a picnic spot mainly in the winter season


It is a small island on the river Mahanadi The presiding deity is Lord Shiva, Shambunath. Besides, other temples like Raghunath and Dakshina Kali is situated in this small island. The Simhanth temple is ancient and thronged by devotees round the year

Sapanpur Village

The small village of Sapanpur is famous for its surrounding natural beauty with a series of small hills dotting the green farm land There is an Ashram established by Mahima Gosain in mid 19th century on a hillock at the outskirts of the village The Ashram is known for having a spiritual effect


This place is named after the Goddess Dam Damani, situated amidst green forest of Dalijoda and a perennial stream flowing nearby This is an ideal place for picnickers and devotees Legend states, that the Pandavas during the exile had remained incognito near the kingdom of Birat The forest was a hunting ground of a king, but today is a part of National Forest Reserve

Prasanna Purusottam Dev Temple

Sri Sri Prasanna Purusottam Dev Temple of Tigiria is the second highest temple of Odisha and one among the oldest temple The site of the temple is memorizing The temple was built in 1787 by Sri Sankarshan Mandhata & completed by Sri Banamali Champatsingh Mohapatra the then king of the Tigiria State

Ramadev Jew & Baidyanath Temple (Banki)

Sri Sri Ramadev Jew & Baidyanath Temple, Banki Block are famous for ancient Temple Situated in the Bank of River Mahanadi built by king Dahalia in 1460 A D But the legend says that Maryada Purush Rama Chandra & Devi Sita were worshiped the Lord Shiva in this place during the exile So both temples were named after Pravu Sri Rama & Devi Sita The Ramanath Temple is situated in the top of Hill & Baidyanath Temple is situated at the bottom of Hatia Hill

Swapneswar Dev Temple

Sri Sri Swapneswar Dev Temple at Sankhameri lies on northern side of River Mahanadi built by Balabhadra Mangaraj the King of Badamba Gadajat in between 1690 AD to 1734 AD This village Sankhamari was also the first village of Badamba Gadajat and was established by Sri Hatta Kishore, the first King of Badamba Gadajat on 1305 AD The attraction of the temple is that the snake bite patients are cured through worshipping and dharana near Lord Shiva

Maninag Caves at Jalauka Hill

The Jalauka Hill holds past memories of glories of Hindu culture and validates its dominance through strong religious and spiritual values The site is situated in the west side of River Birupa and east of the famous Manduka Hill named after the Saint Manduka There are six hills surrounding the site The hill is spread over 3kms in length and half a kilometer in width embracing the famous Mani Nag Cave and other sacred places These individual strategic locations on the hill hold religious and mythological significance

Niali Madhab

A religious centre, famous for the shrine of Radha Madhab. It is situated on the banks of the sacred river Prachi.

Juma Masjid

As the name suggests Juma, means Big, this masjid is the oldest, biggest, and the most beautiful masjid of Cuttack. It was built during the period of Mughals. It possesses several rooms for visitors and students. Earlier there used to be a Madrasa in this mosque. However, since last 10 years, the Madrasa is shifted out of the mosque. The neighbourhoods surrounding the Juma Masjid are inhabited both by Hindus and Muslims, who live peacefully with perfect communal harmony.

Shahi Mosque

The Shahi mosque is situated inside the Barabati fort. It is structurally similar to the Ujale Khan mosque at Mohammadia Bazaar. All these mosques are adorned with beautiful domes on hexagonal base. Stones and tiles are used in construction of the mosque. It seems that during the British rule of Odisha, it was used as a Magazine as it is apparent from the two Mehrabs on the flanks which are closed with bricks.


The holy historical Sikh Shrine “`The Gurdwara Daatan Sahib`” is situated here. It is here that the first Sikh Guru, Shree Guru Nanak Dev halted on his way to Puri, way back in the 15 century. It is believed that a “Sahada “ tree planted by him after using one of its twigs as a tooth Cleaner still flourishes here, hence is the name Daatan Sahib.

Mahanadi Cruise

The double-decker vessel for cruise across river Mahanadi is the first of its kind river cruise service in the State. This enables people to experience the ethereal beauty of Mahanadi and its surroundings through the trip on the water. The service involves cruise trips on a double-decker vessel replete with modern amenities including food. There are also individual boating facilities through small paddle boats. The vessel for the cruise has a capacity of between 50 and 60 and takes tourists around on a daily basis.

Barabati StadiumBarabati Stadium

Modern Cuttack boasts of Barabati Stadium, an important venue for international cricket matches. It is home ground of Orissa cricket team and is operated by Orissa Cricket Association. The Barabati Stadium is one of the older grounds in India, having hosted several touring sides – including the MCC, the West Indies team and the Australians – before it hosted its first international match. It is equipped with floodlights for day-and-night games and is a regular venue for One Day Internationals (ODI) matches.

Deer Park

Deer Park is situated in Madhusudhan Nagar. It is a place for nature lovers. A lot of beautiful deers running here stops the breath of its visitors. It is all about excitement, entertainment, and experience of beauty around the woods.

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