Famous Temples in Odisha

There are various temples in Odisha. Here you can get the list of the most famous and popular Hindu Temples in Odisha. See below to get the list of famous temples in Odisha. Odisha, well known world over for its architectural wonders, Odisha (Orissa) houses some of the best temples in the country. The temples in Odisha (Orissa) are said to have given supreme expression to architecture. Taking the Kalinga pattern of architecture to its zenith, these Odisha temples are unique in both plan elevation and decoration details.

Putting it in rather more simple words, we can say that all these temples have a somewhat similar structure. They consist of a structural due, the main temple or shrine and the frontal porch. The main temple, known as Vimana or Deula, is the sanctum enshrining the deity. And the porch or Jagamohana is a congregation place for the devotees.

Vimanas are constructed on a square base and are marked by a curvilinear tower or shikhara and is known as rekha deula. The porches of the temples rest upon rectangular bases which are horizontal platforms arranged successively in a receding formation to constitute a pyramidal superstructure.

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