Google Developers Group (GDG) Bhubaneswar Planing to host various events in Bhubaneswar

GOOGLE DEVELOPER GROUP (GDG) Bhubaneswar is an attempt to bring together all the developers, enthusiast and Google lovers where they can meet,talk, share ideas and innovate.


Google Developers group Bhubaneswar   says we would be focusing on various topics like Android, Drive, SEO, Cloud, App Script, GEO, App Engine,  Ads API’s, Chrome, HTML5 , which will help Students,  IT professionals and Start ups companies to connect with each others and share their knowledge.  Looking forward to other state IT industries,  Odisha is bit backward state.  The initiative by Google developers Group here in Bhubaneswar definitely help peoples to build a IT echo system. 

GDG Bhubaneswar is now coming with its first event on Google IO Extended 2014 on 5th July. The event will cover topics like Design, Development and Monetize of web and mobile applications.

The membership is open to newbies, developers, managers and organizations who are interested in Google’s technologies or use them as part of their projects.

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