Gopalpur Sea Beach

Gopalpur is a small town situated on the Bay of Bengal is about 16km away from Berhampur having famous for one of the most pristine beaches of Orissa. The old lighthouse blinking still today to show directions to the ships in deep sea. It is Famous for its swaying (casuarina, coconut) trees, and sand dunes which separate the beach from the blue waters act as the perfect setting for peace and tranquility.
Whether it is the glistering sun at the daybreak spreading its silvery screen over the azure waters or the perpetual breeze blowing from the sea or the rhythmic lapping of the waves that shimmer in the moonlight night or over the stunning stillness around, it is a pleasure that adds to the gaiety of holiday at Gopalpur

The beach lovers who carve for serenity in atmosphere that are favorable to contemplation and hospitality should have to take a quite holiday on the lap of the nature here.The cool breeze of the sea gives a freshness to the intense hit of the summer, its clean blue water just persuade the sea lover to take deep bath, enjoy the sea food and the coconut water just give a full package to the beautiful sea resort.
Gopalpur beach is about 16 km away from Berhampur in Orissa.
Touring Season:
September to March
Beach Accessibility
Airlines: Situated 190-km away, Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport and Vishkapatnam (Andhrapradesh) 260km away from Gopalpur.
Rail Lines: The nearest railway station is Berhampur on the Kolkota-Chennai line of Southeastern Railway. One can take trains to Howarh and Chennai from this place.
Bus Lines: Gopalpur is connected by an all weather road to Berhampur (16-km), Bhubaneshwar (180-km), and Puri (242-km). Auto-rickshaws and cycle-rickshaws are available to move around the place.
Lodging/Accommodation at Gopalpur
Good accommodation options such as seaside resorts, luxurious hotels, and old bungalows are available at Gopalpur, with good servicing facilities and incomparable view of the sea some the are Hotel Oberoi Palm Beach, OTDC Panthnivas, Hotel Kalinga, Youth Hostel, Millennium Plaza etc.
Fascinating Places near Gopalpur Beach
Chilika Lake
105 km from Bhubaneswar, 75 km from Berhampur, 35 km from Puri and 45km from Gopalpur, The biggest inland lake in the country, the Chilika with its bird-breaded blue expanse of water is a paragon of natural beauty, birds came from as far as Siberia to make their winter sojourn. Also located in the same area is the largest sanctury for the endangered Ridley turtles
Taptapani or hot water is a hot Sulphur spring with water at a constant temperature of 55 Celsius flowing, situated around 67-km from Gopalpur. This is said to have medicinal properties.
Mahuri Kalua
Enroute to Taptapani, Mahuri kaula is another scenic spot. The shrine of Goddess Kalua adorns the Place. It is just 30km from Gopalpur.
The Ashokan rock edict found here prove beyond any doubt that it was an important center of activities during the Ashokan period. Siva temple and Buddhist images found here suggest that it was a religious center with Buddhism and Saivism existing side by side.
On the bank of the river Rushikulaya near the village Purushottampur, the shrine of the twin goddess Tara and Tarini adorns the hilltop amidst natural beauty. There is a flight of about one thousand steps from the foothill to the hilltop. The shirne is considered to be a Shakti Pitha of Tantra Cult.
Oceanic Activities
Some of the activities you can engage yourself in are – sunbathing, strolling.

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