Govindpur Village of Cuttack District

Village Name : Govindpur
Population : About 4000
Area : Not Available
Language : Odia
Tahasil : Not Available
Police Station : Not Available

Address of Govindpur with Pin & Panchayat

Panchayat : Govindpur Gram Panchayat
Via : Chhatia
Dist : Cuttack
State : Odisha
Pin : 755023

About the Village Govindpur

Situated at the north border of Cuttack dist. Just near NH-5. A beautiful village surrounded by hills and rivers. People usually are businessmen. They normally deal with cloths. The village has a village market,local market,temples. All the festivals of the year are celebrated in a great manner in this village. It is also famous for a kind of Rassogulla in the locality.

Nearest Tourist spots or Picnic Spots or Temples in Govindpur Village

  1. Chandikhole & Mahavinayak Temple (20 kms)
  2. Jalouka Ashram (0 km)
  3. Sanibaba Forest(0km)
  4. Archeological Park(0km)
  5. Birupa river(0km)
  6. Sidhagiri Ashram(0km)
  7. Chhatia Bata(2km)


Schools or Colleges in Govindpur

  • Govindpur Primary School
  • Govindpur Minor Primary School
  • Sidhagiri Bidyapitha (High School)
  • Saraswati  Sishu Mandir

Nearest Hospitals

  • Govindpur Primary Hospital (0 km)

Nearest Postal Office

  • Govindpur Post Office (0 km)

Nearest Bank

  • Statebank of India, Tangi Branch (7 km)
  • Kalinga Gramya Bank, chhatia branch(2km)

Nearest Villages

  • Jagannathpur
  • Rashiknagar
  • Magura
  • Jaripara
  • Uchhapada

Photos of Govindpur Village

How to Reach Govindpur Village

Situated near NH-5, in between Tangi and Chhatia. Can be reached by bus, aur any private vehicle.Nearest railway station is Kapilas Road(8km)

Note:- Content Provided by Mr. Ramprasad Samal of Govindpur Village of Cuttack District

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