Gupteswar Temple of Koraput

About Gupteswar Temple

Gupteswar is the holy shrine Shiva lingam which is situated in the cave inside the Lingamforest of Ramagiri Hills. It is a famous pilgrimage place of Koraput Dist. which is about 45 Km. away from Jeypore. Surrounded with dense forest having rare big Sal trees and Saberi river makes the place even more interesting. There are many Kimbadanties(people’s sayings) attached with this place. Most interesting and renowned one is that the lingam was found out by the King of Jeypore in the year 1665. Since then it has been worshiped by the tribes. One can find other caves also apart from the main cave of Gupteswar.

Major Attractions of Gupteswar Temple

Gupteswar templeThe journey from Koraput to Gupteswar is quite enjoyable. Both side of the road is full of forests with big trees. One can experience lot of monkeys on the way, but trust they never do any harm or attack of the travelers. Journey on the u-turn roads of the hills is always a special experience for anyone. Travel in foggy winter is even more interesting. The rising of sun between two mountains/hills is one of the best scene to watch. One will experience excellent photogenic sceneries on the way to Gupteswar. At the entrance of Gupteswar/Ramagiri hills say about 4 km from the main cave, there situated Goddess Dalkhai (local tribe goddess). One has to offer branches of trees to the goddess before entering into Ramagiri hills. There is allegedly a saying that same was established by the King as protecting goddess. It is also alleged from people of the locality and others who has already experienced the place that no body can enter into the Ramagiri hills without offering branches there.

The main attraction of the place is the Holy shrine cave of Lord Gupteswar. One has to climb some steps to reach at the entrance of the cave. The steps towards the cave is filled with beggers and trees at the both side of it. The entrance of the cave is very narrow. One has to be very careful while entering into the cave. There are maximum chances of possible Entrance into cave accident. Despite of the lighting facilities, still dark out here inside the cave. Inside the cave, there exists the famous holy Lingam of Lord Gupteswar. There exist some other caves very close to the main cave. Some sculptures can be seen inside those caves. The sculptures are looking like the out-coming of Stalactites, but they have been worshipped in various names. One sculpture is worshipped as the great cow of Sage Basista, Kamedhenu. It is the saying of the people that there exists a Tunnel (Surang), If one moves deep inside the cave. However it is so dark, that nothing is visible even with the help of flash light. Another attraction of the place is the River Saberi. The musical voice of the flowing river is always pleasant to listen. The water is so cold that it attracts many visitors to have a dip bath here. But the sharp and fast flow creates some sign of danger also in their mind. By considering the danger, a safe area has been created with iron pillars and chains. The brownish color always create a doubt regarding the water at first instance. But the flow of the river through mud hills and red stones makes the color brownish. The flow of the river through stones and forests is an unforgettable scene to watch from the watch-tower created at the top of the cave. Some temples are also built on the sands of the river.

The presence of natural beauty proves it as one of the best picnic spots of Koraput. Many picnic lovers come here during winter. On the eve of Shivaratri, the arrival of pilgrims have often counted in lakhs. One Pantha Nivas (Guest House) is there in front of the cave entrance, where a visitor can stay. It is a market place for original forest products brought by tribes, like Jhuna, Lakha, Honey etc.

How to Reach Gupteswar Temple of Koraput

The place can be reached both by train and bus.  The nearest railway station is Koraput railway station. And via bijayanagaram one can reach Koraput. It is about 70 km from the holy cave. National Highway touches both Koraput and Jeypore, hence reaching the place Gupteswar is not at all difficult. One can reach here by bus via Baipariguda, a marketing place. Baipariguda is just 30 km away from Gupteswar. Berhampur is 400 km, Bhubaneswar 590 km, Koraput 75 km and Jeypore 45 Km away from Gupteswar.

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