Hirli Danger of Nabarangpur

Hirli Dangar NabarangpurHirli Danger is situated at Gandhinagar of Nabarangpur town of Odisha, where an ancient statue of Lord Tirupati found and being worshiped now. Near to Hirli Dangar Kusumjhar reserve is situated. This place is famous for its scenic beauty and this place is mainly suitable as one of the best Picnic Spot. District Administration has constructed watch towers, Park at the hill top to facilitate the same. So lots of tourist came here for the beauty of this place and picnic.

How to Reach Hirli Danger

Hirli Dangar is situated near Gandhinagar about 2 Kms from Nabarangpur. Regular bus services are available to Nabarangpur from the major cities of Orissa. One can easily reach Hirli Dangar by auto rickshaws available from Nabarangpur.

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