How to Keep Liver Healthy in Odia by Dr Manoj Kumar Sahu

The liver is an important part of our body. Life is impossible without the liver. The liver works constantly in our bodies. Whether it’s food or medicine, everything we eat is mixed with blood and first goes to the liver to purify. The liver makes protein. The liver also builds up immunity. So the liver needs to be healthy. So how the liver will stay healthy? Let’s find out what is the advice of Dr. Manoj Kumar Sahu, a gastroenterologist.

In this video, You can get the information about

  • Why keep the liver healthy?
  • How do you know if your liver is healthy or not?
  • The cause of liver disease Why does fatty liver disease appear?
  • Modern lifestyle causes liver disease .
  • Complications of liver disease.
  • What to eat for a healthy liver?

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