How to Know Your Skin is Dry or Oily or Normal or Sensitive ?

Do you know what is the type of your skin ? Because it is very much necessary when you are using any face wash, creams etc as the various companies are manufacturing separate products for Dry Skin, Oily skin, sensitive skin and for Normal skin. If you are confusing to know about your skin then just follow the below easy questions and after that you can also  test your skin and know what is your skin type ?

test your skin

By answering the questions below you can find out what type of skin you have. Just select the answer – a, b, c or d-that closely applies to your skin.

1. After cleansing, how does your skin feel?

(a) Tight and rough
(b) Smooth and supple
(c) Slightly oily
(d) Oily in some areas, tight in others.

2. How often does your skin break out in spots?

(a) Almost never
(b) Rarely
(c) Often
(d) Only in the T -Zone (across the forehead and down the nose and chin).

3. Which of the following best describes your skin texture?

(a) Smooth and transparent
(b) Firm and even
(c) Slightly rough and uneven
(d) A mixture of the above.

4. How does your skin look during the day?

(a) Flaky and chapped
(b) Clean and fresh-looking
(c) Shiny
(d) Shiny in the T-Zone

If the majority of your answers are a, the skin is dry. If the majority of your answers are b, the skin is normal. If the majority of your answers are c, the skin is oily. If the majority of your answers are d the skin is combination. Some nice Skin Booster homemade masks for all types of skin .

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