How to Take Care of Your Face in this Summer

In summer season there are lots of skin problems arises. Among these Pimples is the major problem. If you want to know about How to Take Care of Your Face in this Summer then see these below 10 tips which will help you to take care of your skin and face in this summer seasons.


Tips for Take Care of Your Skin & Face

  • You should not take more makeup in summer. If you are using makeup then use face wash to clean the makeups.
  • If you go out then use cold water to wash your face after coming to home.
  • Don’t rub your face, because it may give red spots with pain.
  • Don’t touch your face repeatedly, it may increase bacteria in your face in summer seasons.
  • Use “Non – Comedogenic” labeled make up cream.
  • Don’t expose to Sun. Try to leave away from Sun.
  • Use Anti Acne Mask once in a week.
  • Test your Hormone from a Specialist, because unbalanced Hormone is the main cause of Pimples.
  • Remove the Dandruffs from your hair.
  • Use pure cotton dresses in Summer Seasons.

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