Important Phone Numbers of Berhampur

Here you can find all the Important Phone Numbers of Berhampur such as Hospitals, Police Stations, Thana, Railway, LPG Gas Filling stations, Water Supply, Tourism etc. Just follow this to know about the Important Phone Numbers of Berhampur of Odisha. If this article helps you then kindly Like Us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter.

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Berhampur STD Code – 0680

Police Station Phone Numbers in Berhampur

Town Thana——————————-2200525
Baidyanathpur Thana——————–2280026
Goasynuagan Thana———————-2401227
Bada bazaar Thana————————2270535
Sadara Thana——————————2270546
Mahila Thana——————————2223504
Grp Thana———————————-2200528
Gopalput Thana—————————2242024
Golanthara Thana————————-2113000
Berhampur SP—————————–2292991
Fire station———————————2223333

Govt Medical Phone Numbers in Berhampur

CDMO (Ganjam) —————————2225383
Medical super tend————————2203624
Medical Casualty/Ambulance———–9338797468
City hospital——————————–2221686
Blood bank———————————-2200534
Sub collector——————————–2281413

Rail Services Phone Numbers in Berhampur

Station Manager,Berhampur————-2201430

Private Medical Phone Numbers in Berhampur

Amit hospital——————————–2225480
Janana hospital—————————–2204233
South co Customer care——————-2216159 (24 hour)

Gas Filling Stations Phone Numbers in Berhampur

Lingaraj Gas———————————2201753
Berhampur endane————————-2205434
Badal gas————————————-2200571
Janaki Gas———————————–2208128
Rusukalya gas——————————2202528

Berhampur Municipal Corporation Phone Numbers


Tourism Office Phone Numbers in Berhampur

Tourism Officer—————————2210980
Panthasala (Taratarini) ——————2356888
Pantha nibas (Gopalpur) —————–2243931

Other Important Phone Numbers in Berhampur

Private Bus —————————9861380222
Telephone Exchange inquiry————-197
RWSS Junior Engineer——————–2200978

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