Konark Sea Beach of Odisha

Konark BeachThe serenity of the sea breeze and the pleasure of leisurely walking beside the calm or noisy sea is truly a memorable experience and it is realized in its full form as you visit the Konark Beach. Just 3 Km away from the Konark Sun Temple, Konark Beach in Odisha (Orissa) is a nirvana for a beach lover since a beach visitor can simultaneously bathe in the warmth of the sun and witness the beauty of sunrise or sunset. Another beautiful sight is that of the spotting fishermen, grossly involved in their daily chores with the fish.

If you wish to travel through train, then Bhubaneswar and Puri are the places where trains are available to take you to (Konarak) Konark Beach. However, roadways are the ideal means of transport if you wish to roam around the city. There are numerous vehicles ready to take you to any corner of the city. Among other sea beaches in Odisha (Orissa), Konark Sea Beach is the finest and its charm is ameliorated by the wonders of the Konark Sun Temple. Also, visitors have another option of visiting Shri Jagannath Puri, which is at 33 Km distance from Konark Beach in Odisha (Orissa).

Some important accommodation spots at Konark (Konarak) are Yatri nivas, Panthanivas, Konark hotels etc. So, there is no need to wait to enjoy the brilliance of the beaches of Odisha (Orissa).

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