Lipsa Mishra Replaces Jessy as new Tulsi in To Aganara Tulasi Mun

Jessy or Pralipta Priyadarshini Samal has been replaced by Ollywood actress Lipsa Mishra as the main character “Tulsi” in the popular mega television serial “To Aganara Tulasi Mun”. Lipsa Mishra has earlier acted in the serial “Kichi Luha Pee Jaye Otha” of a private channel and done major roles in two Odia films, ‘Maya’ and ‘Pilata Bigidigala’.

Lipsa MishraThe beleaguered director and producer were in a fix after the main character ‘Iccha/Tulasi’ played by Jessy alias Pralipta Priyadarshini Samal was arrested on charges of abetment to suicide of telly actor Ranjit Patnaik or Raja.

Since the chances of Jessy coming back to the small screen in the immediate future were slim, the original storyline had been modified with she being kidnapped in the soap opera. Initially, Svetlana was playing the character of Tulasi. But, she was taken out due to some issues. And Jessy was replaced and portrayed as main character “Iccha” by the director. Her excellent acting skills had endeared her to the audiences. But her involvement in the Raja suicide case forced Jessy to be in jail for two week putting the serial in jeopardy without the main character. Meanwhile, Jessy has got bail yesterday in Raja case from Soro jail, but her legal battle is far from over.

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