Lord Balabhadra Daru axed at Jhankada

Balabhadra Daru CuttingMeanwhile all through the day the Daitapati’s were chanting Patal Nrusingha Mantra, while Swatriya Brahaman’s conducted 700 ahuti’s in the Yajana, Purna Ahuti of Lord Balabhadra’s daru’s at Jhankada completed on Friday afternoon. Brahaman’s completed 108 Ahuti’s at YajanaMandap and 108 Ahuti’s near the Daru , later the Swatriya Brahaman’s were allowed cutting of the tree, as part of rituals Bidyapati and Biswabasu first axed the tree with gold and silver axes then the Biswakarma servitors started cutting the tree with iron axe. As filing of this report the tree cutting isunder progress and likely the tree will fell on earth around 10 pm on Friday later other rituals would be completed. Constantly rising to get a last glimpse of the Lord Balabhadra Daru at Jhankada had turned into a major pilgrimage centre with flow of devotee’s to the tree on Friday.

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