Lord Balabhadra Daru identified at Sarala Temple in Jhankada for Nabakalebara 2015

The Sri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has formally announced the location of Daru (Neem tree) of Lord Balabhadra identified near Goddess Sarala temple at Jhankada in Jagatsinghpur district.

Lord Balabhadra Daru in Jhankad Sarala

Soon after the announcement, people of nearby areas thronged the place to offer worship and get a glimpse of the neem tree from which the idol of lord Balabhadra will be carved out. The temple administration put up barricades in view of the large gathering. SJTA chief administrator Suresh Mohapatra said the makeshift rest house for Banajaga team known as Sabarpalli and other activities will be completed by April 19.

Earlier, Banajaga team leader Haladhar Das Mohapatra along with other Daitapati servitors had visited the place and examined the symbols on the tree which fulfill the requirements of being a daru. Meanwhile, chief administrator Suresh Mohapatra, Jagatsinghpur SP and Collector Satya Kumar Mallik and eastern range IG Asit Panigrahi reached the spot this morning. The district administration has started evicting shops and other business establishments around the tree. See Daru identified Places or Spots for Nabakalebara 2015.

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