Mahavinayak Temple in Odisha

Mahavinayak Temple in OdishaMahavinayak Temple is one of the oldest temple in Odisha which is situated vary near to Chandikhole of Jajpur District of Odisha. In Odisha there are five different Kshetras or religious centers celebrated for these Pancha Devata (Five God)viz: Vinayaka or Ganesh kshetra at Mahavinayak hills in the district of Jajpur, Vishnu or Sankha (the attributes in the hands of Lord Vishnu) Kshetra at Puri, Shiva or Ekamra Kshetra at Bhubaneswar, Durga or Viraja Kshetra at Jajpur or Yajanapur. Mahavinayak enshrines the five god heads in one Lingam. It is a place of worship for Ganapati.

Since Ganapati or Vianyak is revered here so its name is ‘Mahavianyak’. The speciality of Mahavinayak temple is that the Pancha Devata or the Five Gods ‘Shiva‘,’Vishnu‘,’Durga‘,’Sun‘ and ‘Ganapati‘ are worshipped as a single deity in a single sanctum sanctorum. In no other Hindu temples such tradition of worship is present.

History of Mahavinayak Temple

It is a place of both mythological and historical importance. This sculpture (i.e. the Mahavinayak temple) has been constructed by the kings of Keshari Dynasty of Odisha during 12th Century and later it became the center of worship of Darpan King. Rati Devi, the wife of Kamadev worshipped here for the release of her husband from the curse of Lord Shiva for which while she was offering her prayer to Lord Ganesh simultaneously five hands were stretched out towards her to receive her offer and she,being in dilemma, when prayed to Bramha, Bramha clarified that five Gods named Ganesh,Sun,Vishnu,Shiva and Durga had been over pleased with her prayer and at a time they had stretched their hand to receive her offer. So Kamadev was released thereafter and from the very day five Gods unitedly in one granite stone with huge size had emerged from the earth there.

This place is also related to Mahabharat legends. The Baruna hill area (i.e. The Barunabanta) was the capital of Yudhistir. From this place he left for the heaven by making royal charges of his empire to a teli (an oilman whom he saw first before dawn) who later became the king and his palace was named as Teligarh and the remaining of his palace is still seen just at the opposite side of the hill and the temple. The rehearsal place of Bhima is still known as “Bhima khala”. During the Mahabharat battle, mother Kunti also offered one lakh swarna Champa flowers (Golden Champa Flowers) to Lord Shiva from this place for the victory of her sons to fulfill her wish.

As per another legend the detached head of Lord Ganesha fell at this place and so the place is named as Vinayak Kshetra. Moreover, the importance of the place came to light and became popular when a cowherd boy discovered some strange sight of secretion and flowing of milk from the nipples of a calf less cow to offer feeding to the undiscovered deity. Then it became famous gradually and it claimed to be one of the best holy places not only of Odisha but also in the pilgrimage map of India as Five Gods congregated as one stonic form is unique.

How to reach Mahavinayak Temple

Reaching Mahavinayak Temple of Chandikhole, Jajpur by road Way
Mahavinayak Temple of Chandikhole is 4 k.m from Chandikhole Chhak and Chandikhole is 40 k.m far from the old city Cuttack and 61 k.m from the capital city Bhubaneswar. The road is from Cuttack towards Bhadrak on NH-5(A).
Distance of Mahavinayak Temple of Chandikhole from Cuttack is thus 40 Km and the Distance of Mahavinayak Temple of Chandikhole from Bhubaneshwar is 61 Km.

How to reach Mahavinayak Temple of Chandikhole by Rail
Nearest main Railway station from Mahavinayak Temple of Chandikhole, Jajpur is Cuttack. Mahavinayak Temple of Chandikhole is 44 k.m away from Cuttack main Railway station and 6 k.m away from two small stations Railway station Haridaspur and Dhanamandal.

How to reach Mahavinayak Temple of Chandikhole, Jajpur by Air Way
Nearest airport from Mahavinayak Temple of Chandikhole, Jajpur is This place is 65 k.m far from Bhubaneswar Air port (Biju patanaik International airport).

Picnic Facility at Mahavinayak Temple

Mahavinayak Temple is a good picnic spot in Jajpur.There are so many spots for picnic where you can make veg and non veg. The veg spots are near to the temple and the non veg spots are little far from the temple but you will get all types of facilities, such as land for picnic and water facility with free of charge. All the accessories are provided by the temple trust in affordable prices.

Other Tourist Spots Near Mahavinayak Temple

The other tourist spots near Mahavinayak Temple of Odisha are :-

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  1. Mahavinayak Temple is a good picnic spot in Jajpur.All the accessories are provided by the temple trust in affordable prices.


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