Odisha ranked 14th in ‘Ease of Doing Business’

New Delhi: Odisha has ranked 14th among states in the new Ease of Doing Business rankings, released by the government today.

Andhra Pradesh has topped the lists of states in the rankings. Telangana has been ranked number two in the list, followed by Haryana at number three and Jharkhand and Gujarat at number four and five respectively.

Similarly, Chhattisgarh ranked 6th, followed by Madhya Pradesh at 7th, Karnataka at 8th, Rajasthan at 9th, West Bengal at 10th, Uttarakhand at 11th, Uttar Pradesh at 12th, Maharashtra at 13th and Odisha at 14th.


“A large number of states have made significant progress in reforms suggested in BRAP 2017,” the government said.

National capital Delhi has been ranked 23, dropping from 19 in 2016.

States have been ranked on how well they implement business reforms – as many as 405 recommendations were set out by the government last year – and last year Telangana and Jharkhand came out at the head of the class.

17 states have achieved a reform evidence score of more than 90 per cent and 15  have achieved a combined score of 90 per cent and more.

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