Ollywood Actor Pintu Nanda Passes away during treatment in Hyderabad Hospital

After a prolonged battle with liver cirrhosis, Ollywood actor Pintu Nanda passed away during treatment at a hospital in Hyderabad on Wednesday night. He was 47.

Nanda was diagnosed with Acute On Chronic Liver Failure and was advised to undergo liver transplantation (Cadaver).

He was under treatment at a private hospital in New Delhi for some days but had to be flown to Hyderabad last week for further treatment. The cine actor was admitted to Hyderabad’s Yasoda Hospital due to unavailability of donors in New Delhi’s Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS).

A family member was supposed to donate liver to Pintu, but that did not work out due to mismatch of blood group and various other reasons. Before a donor could be arranged, Nanda breathed his last on Wednesday night at around 11:25pm.

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