Podagada of Nabarangpur

PodagadaPodagada is 52 Kms away from Nabarangpur and about 14Kms from Dhodra. Podagada is the famous historical place where Brahmin inscriptions are found. It was the seat on Nala dynasty a place of natural scenic beauty. The colorful tribals, Bhairab temple, Alekhamahima temple, footprints of Laxmi, Sati Stone can been seen, Podagad is best for Trekking, Picnic and for adventure Tourism.

How to Reach Podagada of Nabarangpur

Podagada is 52 Kms away from Nabarangpur. One can hire taxis or auto rickshaws from Nabarangpur to Podagada. Regular bus services are available to Nabarangpur from major cities of Odisha.

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