Rahul urges students and youths to break ‘monopoly’ of senior leaders

Rahul_GandhiBhubaneswar: Seeking complete change in the political system, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi today urged students and youths to join politics to break the “monopoly” of senior leaders. Stating that the political system in the country was monopolised by senior leaders, Gandhi, in an interaction with students and youths here, said, “You need to come and join politics to change the society.”

“The top leadership may not be interested in change in the present education system, but you need to. You have to participate in the political system,” he said. Noting that change in the education system was most essential, he said that the people managing the show might oppose change.

Replying to a student’s question on the reservation system in education, the Congress leader said the reservation issue was being discussed because there were too few seats in colleges. “The number of seats in colleges are not many. The seats need to be increased so that everyone can avail of education irrespective of their class, caste and background. “The people are only talking about how to distribute the existing number of seats… nobody discusses how to increase the seats,” Gandhi said.

Stating that he could not come to Odisha and improve the education system, Gandhi said it was for the students and youths to bring change in the state. The Congress leader also drew attenion to the mining scam in Odisha and said that students must be aware of the developments taking place in and around them.

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