Saptasajya Temple of Dhenkanal

Saptasajya templeSaptasajya is one of the famous and tourist spot in Dhenkanal. This place is mainly famous for its scenic beauty. Really this place is like heaven for the nature lovers. This place is situated at a distance of about 11 km to the south of Dhenkanal town. According to legends, Pandavas spent some days of their incognito life (Agnuata vasa) in these hills. The temple of Raghunath, built in honor of Lord Rama, Laxman and Sita by Rani Ratnaprava Devi of Dhenkanal attracts large crowds every year on the day of Ramanavami, in the month of March-April. A small spring flowing close by enhances the beauty of the place. It is an ideal place for picnic and relaxation.

How to Reach Saptasajya of Dhenkanal

One can reach Dhenkanal by bus or train. From Dhenkanal one can visit Saptasajya by bus or taxi as it is connected with well road connections.

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