Siddha Balaram Temple, Dhenkanal

Siddha Balaram temple at DhenkanalSiddha Balaram temple at Dhenkanal town is the pivotal figure in the domain Vaishnava cult in the district. History says that Anangabhima III brought Sri Balaram from Talmul to Bhima nagari garh in 12th -13th CAD. While he was taking the image to Puri,Sri Balaram Ordered him to give up the effort. Hence, he built Dasakamba Mandala at Chittala pur near Hindol. But with the advent of the Muslim rule the devotees kept the image at Kardabindha village. Subsequently, Sridhar Banja brought the image. Hari singh Vidhyadhara later on defeated the Bhanja King and brought the image of Balaram to Dhenkanal. He started construction of the temple in 1590 AD. The main temple is 90 feet high. Sri Raja Narasingha Bharambar and his son Kunjabihari Bharambar’s period, the construction of gateway,J aga mohana, the boundary wall were completed. ie. between 1708 to 1741AD. From 1906 to 1918, Raja Surya Pratap constructed the separate Jagannadha Temple in the campus of Sri BalaRama temple. Initially the car festival was initiated from the Dadhibamana temple, but Raja Surya Pratap started car festival from Balaram Temple.

The temple compound has Baraha nath, Nrushingaha, Bamana, Bakuleswara Shiva, Sri Hanuman Sri Chaitanya,Radha Krishna, Mahalakshmi, Mangala etc. are also worshiped. The Balaram temple follows the rituals like Sri Mandir of Puri and observes auspicious days through out the year . In the sanetorium sanctum Sri Balaram is seen with Jaganath, Subahadra is the unique deity and the symbolic spiritual entity for the people of Dhenkanal.

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