Talcher of Angul

talcherTalcher on the right bank of Brahmani, the capital of the east while, Talcher State is one of the fastest growing industrial and mining complexes of the country. The coal based Thermal power plant at Talcher, Heavy water plant of Atomic energy commission at Vikrampur, 7 numbers of underground mines & 3 numbers of open cast mines located in and around Talcher have greatly enhanced the importance of this place. Another attraction of this place is the Rani Park which extends over an area of 64 sq km. A rock cut Bishnu image lying in sleeping poster at the left bank of Brahmani in Saranga village is only 4 kms from Talcher and 20 kms away from Angul. The N.H.23 passes through Talcher.

How to Reach Talcher

Talcher is 20 Kms away from Angul. There is regular bus service to Talcher from Angul and from major towns of Odisha. Train route is also available to Talcher.

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