Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary of Odisha

Tikarpada wildlifeTikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for Gharial crocodile. A small village in the bossom of nature Tikarapada is strategically situated by the side of Satakosia Gorge. The meandering Mahanadi flowing closely amidst, beautiful hills form here the mightiest gorge of India, 22 kms long. It is acclaimed as one of worlds most enchanting sports. The place is ideal for boating, angling and adventure. The forest and hills around the village have varieties of fauna to fascinate the visitors. A Gharial crocodile Sanctuary set up here has enhanced the importance of the sport.

Boating, white water rafting, fish angling and treks through the lush forest are activities one can indulge in at the sanctuary. The Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre is actively conserving and breeding the endangered species of the crocodiles in the Mahanadi eco system in Tikarpada. Though tigers are rarely sighted now, the wildlife within the sanctuary includes the Indian adjutant stroke, red jungle fowl and Indian pitta. Located at a convenient distance of 120 kms from Dhenkanal and 58 kms from Angul, tourists can proceed to Saptasajya, a scenic picnic spot. The Saptarshi and Raghunath temples in the vicinity are also frequented by tourists visiting the sanctuary. While the forest lodge is located within the forest, you can choose to camp out in the open with the special permission of the forest office.

How to Reach Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary

Tikarpada is 58 Kms away from Angul. Angul can be reached either by bus or by train. Tikrapada is connected with good road facility to Angul.

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