Waterfalls of Odisha


We all know that Odisha is the home of Natural Beauty. If we taking count about the Tourism of Odisha, then we just found lots of famous places are situated in Odisha. Odisha is the home of Beaches, Temples, Tourist Spots and lots more. Here we are adding one more thing to the Odisha Tourism list. It is the Waterfalls in Odisha. There are so many waterfalls in Odisha. Some of the major waterfalls in Odisha are : Barehipani, Khandadhar, Bhimkund, Badaghagara, Jorandha, Gudguda etc. See the complete article to get the complete information about the waterfalls in Odisha and the brief information about each waterfall in Odisha. Here we go.


Odisha’s pride among all the reserved forests, Similipal Tiger Reserve, has got this stepped waterfall which descends from the Meghasani hills in Mayurbhanj district. It is the highest waterfall of the state coming down from a height of 400 metres. Barehipani’s beauty from the viewpoint on the other side of the hill is a thing to remember. As the birds in the forest become quiet at dusk, the sound of the waterfall become very prominent. The waterfall looks breathtaking in full moon.


The Joranda Falls or Joranda Waterfall is located in the core area of Simlipal National Park in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. It is the 19th highest waterfall in India. The height of the Joranda waterfall is about 150 metres or 490ft. The water plunges over a lofty cliff in a single drop, spreading out slightly as it falls. Know More >>>


Devkund or Deokund is one of the best creature of Nature, you can also call it as the home of natural beauty. The word “Devkund” is known as the bathtub of Gods and Goddesses. The waterfall “Devkund” is about 50kms far from Baripada and about 85kms from Balasore Town. As it is one of the best waterfall in Odisha, so this place comes under one of the famous tourist place in Odisha. Know More >>>


This beautiful waterfall in the mineral-rich forests of Sundargarh district descends from a height of 225metres and is the second highest waterfall in the state.The magnificent view of the cascading waters also makes for a good picnic spot and the entire area is a treasure trove of rare medicinal plants. The place is 114km from the steel township of Rourkela. Know More >>>


Badaghagara is one of the major Waterfall in Odisha. Badaghagara is located at a distance of 9 km from the district headquarters (Kendujhar) of Kendujhar district. Being a perennial source of water, a dam has constructed on the downstream side. It is situated at a distance of 3 kilometers on the downstream of Sanaghagara Waterfall. The Badaghagra waterfalls (about 60 metres) situated around 10 km from Keonjhar is amongst the most popular picnic sites in the region. Know More >>>


Sanaghagara Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfall and also one of the best tourist place in Kendujhar District of Odisha. The waterfall is located at a distance of 6 km from the district headquarters (Kendujhar) of Kendujhar district. It is situated at a distance of 3 kilometers on the upstream of Badaghagara Waterfall. It is a perennial waterfall. Know More >>>


The sacred hills of Gandhamardan in Bargarh district enshrines the temple of Nrusimhanath. Waterfalls like Bhimadhar, Gadadhar, Guptadhar and Chaladhar are beautiful locations.Besides the falls, tourists also love to see ancient archaeological remains present in the area. The spot is 20km from Nuapada.


On the southern side of Gandhamardan hills, Harishankar shines with a series of beautiful waterfalls cascading on the hill slopes and the last one provides a water slide to the amusement of bathers. An added advantage to the two places of Nrusimhanath and Harishankar is the 16km trekking route by which travellers can go from Harishankar to Nrusimhanath and vice-versa and the journey ensures meeting many rare, endangered and precious medicinal plants. Even historians say that influence of Buddhism was also seen in the archaeological works in the entire area. According to Chinese scholar Hiuen Tsang, the belt might be the seat of a Buddhist university called Polo-mo-lo-ki-li.

Phurli Jharan 

The 16metre high waterfall is only 15km from Bhawanipatna in Kalahandi district. The rainbows created by sun rays playing with the water spray creates a special charm.


This beautiful fall is part of Pradhanpat hill, which offers a scenic view and the water comes with several steps from the top creating several natural swimming pools on the hill itself. Close to the Deogarh town, the place is 96km from Sambalpur on NH-6. This waterfall had the first hydro-electric power unit in the state. This region was previously under the princely state of Bamanda. Know More >>>


The southern-most district of the state, Malkangiri, has got this beautiful waterfall besides several beautiful lakes spread across the region. The fall is situated 70km from Jeypore town. Duduma waterfall descends from a height of 155metres and feeds water to Machhakunda Dam. Apart from the waterfalls listed in tourism packages, Gandahati in Gajapati district and Khandadhar, Gundichaghai and Handibhanga in Keonjhar district also draw large crowds. Know More >>>


This is one of the small but beautiful 3 step waterfall of Sambalpur district, Odisha. It sprinkles out from the Gudguda mountain, as told by the locals . Know More >>>


Located 15 km from Phulbani, the natural beauty of the Putudi fall on the river Bada Saluki, with dense forests and hills on either side have entranced visitors over the ages


The Koilighugar Waterfall, around 200 ft in height, is in the Lakhanpur, near the village Kushmelbahal. The waterfall is in a rivulet named Ahiraj which originates from the ‘Chhuikhanch’ forest. After the fall the rivulet flows west wards to merge into the Mahanadi river. It is a picturesque beauty spot with its sylvan back drop.


Chatikona is a small village of Rayagada district in the state of Odisha, India. It is one of the identified Tourist Centres and the village is surrounded by the famous Niyamgiri hills in its three directions.The temple of Lord Shiva(Pataleswar) with a beautiful water fall beside, is a picnic spot and a place of tourist attraction of Rayagada district.


Deojhar waterfalla,around 130kms from Cuttack, in Narasinghpur Block of Cuttack District is famous for its natural beauty and Picnic. One cave named as Badedidhar is just at the top of the waterfall.


Gandahati is more about 30 km far from Paralakhemundi and which belongs to in Gajapati district of Odisha. The place is famous for the glittering water fall, which is famous water fall in Odisha and this this enclosed by dense green forest. You will find so many wild animals like elephant and these elephants are coming from upper side of the hill to this waterfall to bath/drink water. One beauty-full hindu temple is present near to this water fall. It can be reached both by rail & road. The nearest railway station Palasa is 44 kms away from Paralakhemundi. All the trains connecting Howrah with the southern part pass through Palasa and have a halt here. JITM campus is 7 kms away from Paralakhemundi.

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